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Want to feel great and healthier? With regular training you can expect just that.

Vanbrugh Fitness specializes in exercise for older adults and offers a Silver Senior training package which is tailored to the individual.  Ability varies greatly at this time of life and personal training can tackle specific mobility problems as well as support many health conditions with exercise to keep your confidence topped up.

We also offer stimulating and relevant Personal Training sessions called Exercise and Healthy Eating for everybody and fun Commit To A Challenge training sessions for those of you who have set your sights on achieving a special fitness goal. You will learn many new skills and have great support whether you want to tackle your diet, get fit, de-stress or all of these. We also offer dedicated Healthy Eating – Online Training sessions if you need special advice on how to fuel your body healthily. We assess your health and physical potential, use established exercise protocols and support you to change old habits and unhelpful attitudes, literally help you to change your life.

Vanbrugh Fitness will show you that getting more shapely by losing weight and toning is but a passing milestone –  getting an energized and strengthened body which moves effortlessly and painlessly makes for a brighter day as your body resets for a healthier future.

From the heart of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Vanbrugh Fitness serves surrounding areas (Blackheath, Charlton, Canary Wharf and more) in homes, offices and private gyms as well as outdoors. We strive to respect the environments we work in and have been able to meet clients’ expectations as a professional, reliable and first-rate service since inception. Given that our clients stay loyal for years and never forget their training, we know we do a good job.

Vanbrugh Fitness looks forward to meeting you very soon!


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    • Identify & meet your needs.

    • Improve your performance or fitness through programmes of safe, effective & enjoyable exercise.

    • Create an environment in which you are motivated to maintain participation & improve performance or fitness.

    • Conform to ethical standards in a number of areas - humanity, relationships, co-operation, integrity, advertising, confidentiality and personal standards.

"Daphne’s attention to detail and personalisation of each programme is impressive.  She enabled me to get back on to the hockey pitch after shoulder surgery – and stay injury free."
Daphne Clifton